Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) shared a video with wife Sakshi on Monday. In this video shared on Instagram account, ‘Mahi’ is seen making fun of Sakshi (Sakshi Dhoni), who is rehearsing to speak an advertisement dialogue. In the video, Sakshi is trying to speak those lines on the camera that Dhoni had to speak in an aid. In the video, Sakshi can be seen speaking the dialogue written in a paper. Dhoni, laughing at his wife’s Dialogue Delivery, is saying, “See, you can’t read, how will you deliver.” Sharing this video more than a year old, Dhoni wrote, “He ‘Director’ Sakshi Dhoni was asked to speak those lines which she (Sakshi) was telling very easy.

Significantly, since World Cup 2019, Dhoni is out of international cricket. There are reports of him taking retirement from international cricket soon, making media headlines in these days. Team India coach Ravi Shastri recently said that Dhoni is not one of those players who will try to be a burden on the Indian team. According to Shastri, Dhoni will evaluate his game by playing in the IPL and then decide his future in cricket.

On the question related to Dhoni, coach Shastri said, “It depends on when he starts playing and how he plays in the IPL. What other players are doing in wicketkeeping and what is their form compared to Dhoni. As far as As for Dhoni, he too has maintained suspense regarding his cricketing glory. Dhoni said that he did not talk about his return to international cricket until January. Want to stay. At an event here, when Dhoni was asked about his comeback from the break, Dhoni said, “Don’t ask till January.


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