Legendary Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar said that the role of an opener in Test cricket requires a different mindset and mindset where talent is most needed to transform into performance and maintain consistency in it. Rohit Sharma, as the opener in the first Test against South Africa, met the team management’s ‘Virender Sehwag model’ decision but Tendulkar said that this traditional format of cricket requires a mentality to face the new ball.

In a special conversation with PTI-language, Tendulkar said, ‘It is about mentality. If someone wants to start the innings, then his mindset should be different. Regarding Sehwag, Tendulkar said that along with the mentality, Sehwag had no lack of capacity. Tendulkar said, ‘Sehwag had a different mindset. He used to bat the same way in Tests or ODIs. There was always aggression in his batting. It also depends on the ability of the player.

India’s Rohit Sharma raises his bat after scoring hundred runs during the first day of the first cricket test match against South Africa in Visakhapatnam, India, Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019. (AP Photo/Mahesh Kumar A.)

Tendulkar, who made a world record by playing 200 matches in Tests, said, “There are many players who want to be aggressive but to use it, consistency is necessary and Sehwag was able to do it.” That sequence (opening batting) was his favorite. (For Rohit) Now we have to wait how this plan works. ‘

Talking of the mentality as an opener that Sehwag had seen a bad phase with success but he never changed his playing methods. He said, “Sehwag started the innings for the first time in England and he was successful in scoring a century. This gave him success but there was a time when he went through a bad phase. In such a situation, statistics do not matter every time, but how you used to contribute to the team is important.

The batsman, who scored the most runs in Test and ODI cricket, said that a sense of security and belongingness is necessary to stay in the team to take the best from the players. He said, ‘I think you should be confident about staying in the team. If you look at the figures, you should have this assurance. The player should feel that even after a poor performance, he will remain with the team. The player has a good or bad phase, but when he feels that the team management is with him, he plays with a different mindset.

Among the new players, Hanuma Vihari has impressed the master blaster with his talent. He said, ‘In Test cricket you have to play differently. Here the real skill test is on the bowlers friendly pitch and they have shown the ideal mindset in such situations. He said, ‘Vihari plays the right shot at the right time. I am impressed by his concentration and mindset and ability to withstand pressure. In Test cricket you have to test many things, if you succeed in this, then your physical gestures are in a different way from what I have seen in Vihari. ‘

Tendulkar described the World Test Championships as a step in the right direction and said that it would be successful only if the pitches were suited to the game. He said, ‘This can be possible only when there is equality in pitches, that means there is equal opportunity for the ball and the bat. If it does not, it will affect the game.


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